Jamie (feat. Ziggy)

from by Dugout




just like you said, you went and never came back
in your head you did but i could see through the steps.
our friends said that you could never change like that
but three years have passed and they all noticed last
another day, remember when we hung all winter break
everyday i’d see my best friends face. now i barely even hear their names
if this is getting old than i’ll start digging my grave a little earlier than originally planned.
and now im waiting, but i’m already wasted.
like the days you spent away, and all the nights i’ve layed awake.
and so they’ll say, i’ll never make and honest man, an honest pay.
the more distant i am, the more at home i feel again
and we’ll be going on and on til this conversations dead.
cause i’ve already been awake since 6am, looking at the pictures when we were all just kids.
and i still drive down familiar places on my way home from the bar
thinking how long that its been. how pathetic that i am.
and lately the only way ive been writing anything,
is a couple whiskey deeps and my own company
so bring on the sun and let my pupils adjust
depressions not leaving, its only just begun
and oh my god im the voicemail on you phone, asking you to please please please
come back home.
So i’ll just sink into my bed, a fucking pillow over my face, and if you want im here
for you to use, ill be the best excuse for you chew and spit it out whenever you think your done.
Im just a name in your head. Just asking how have you been
Im still a name in your head. Just tell me how have you been


from Where There Used To Be Meaning, released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Dugout Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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