On Our Own

by Dugout

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released June 2, 2012

Recorded & Mixed by Bruce Wiegner @ Overlook Studios.
Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering.
Artwork & Layout by Dan Stover.



all rights reserved


Dugout Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: H.B.D.
Head-Butt Deuce
Track Name: Towamencin
Another night where i just stay up late
In the parking lot outside my house while smoking too many cigarettes.
“Soco Amaretto Lime”, playing cause its just that kind of night i fell into
And don’t forget that everyone including me
Is likely stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be but don’t mind me
Im just a downer spending hours writing songs on how im fucked,
But giving in isn’t exactly giving up
Another drive down Sumneytown with a sinking feeling
That everyone is way better off than me
So hold on, hold on here’s to what we could’ve been
And all the shit i put up with and
So long, so long cause i won’t be there to hold your hair
When you’re too fucking gone

And all my friends say it’s not that easy to get away
But i’m tired, so fucking tired of losing myself
And there’s always been two sides of me,
Caring way too much and not giving a fuck
I swear to god it’s been forever
Since i’ve even had the slightest bit of comfort
While the world around me goes in train wrecks
Oh no, I think it’s time we learned to let go

Towamencin please.
Track Name: Sugar, Water, Purple
Waiting all this time I’ve been patient
Overanalyze everything I do
And it’s been awhile since i thought of that one night i took you there
Or that picnic we tried to have, so pathetic how i remember that
And it makes me sick
And I won’t admit it cause in the end

I’ll just stay inside tonight, leave my door open wide
Incase you want to stop on by
The sinking feeling in my gut, the past two years of being stuck
I think they might of finally caught up but
I always seem to aim right for the backroads
They give me time to take the long way home
And lately i’ve been so out of luck
Im waiting for an asteroid to fuck my whole damn house up

And maybe then my life might start to look up
Track Name: Rehab Song
Well hey, I always said that we
Were just too different you and I (were just too different you and I)
But i do know how you like when I play these songs in my boxers
And my Man Overboard “Love your friends die laughing” t shirt.
You always used to say one day you would steal it while I was sleeping

Well hey how ya doin I hope its been awhile now (please just stay with me)
And hey take a guess of what I’ve been writing bout (please just stay with me)
And I know we’ve both been thinking the same damn thing
But just too afraid to say, that we’re just better off anyway.

Do what you want and I’ll do what I gotta
I’m writing it on paper so theres no fucking problem
Remember the dugout, when we picked out the stars
Back when we were young, back when everything was ours
Track Name: Panicos
Take a shot and make it last, i bet all your new friends make you laugh
Just enough to forget how you made me look so fucking stupid, im so stupid
I hope you get wrapped around someone’s finger tight
And the fact you can’t even see that it’s coming and then when it does,
You fall on your face and when you wake up
I’ll be there to fucking tell you how pathetic you really fucking are
And I’ll be glad that I said it
And don’t think for a second that I don’t know who you are
You can fake it off in school, but It’ll only go so far now fuck off
I finally came to my senses that this is senseless
Now leave me alone and back the fuck off.
Track Name: Home Movies
And I’ve heard you’ve been alone this week
You’re having nightmares but as for me
I’ve been content yeah and thats the truth
Been sleeping fine, no thanks to you
And it’s been growing weird since last fall
Hanging on to whatever’s left, if anything at all
I’m so fed up of being tired and so tired of being fed
Spoonfuls of some bullshit as if i didn’t know what to expect
So take the last two fucking years and tell me how you feel right now
Well let me guess,
It’s like no one understanding understands you

And lately i’ve been coming around more to check
Where my priorities sit in the standings
And i’m done stacking doubts on a plate
I’m ready to take on the world with the fucking wind in my face

I’ve been thinking, we only got what both of us deserved
And all the times we stayed up late, and the home movies that we made
Good or bad, you help make me who i am today
And this is the last song i’ll ever write about you.
Track Name: Close To Home (feat. Tony Conner)
October 19th i’m home,
I can tell this winters gonna get real fucking old
Real fast i cant help but ask myself
How the hell did i get here
And i’ve been talking to my friends who left
Been thinking bout the things i did
Cause if karma’s a bitch then redemption’s a whore
We all tend to act like were not keeping score

A 3am drive home from a lame ass night
Full of faking smiles to people i don’t know
But i hope you’re having fun

We set fire to this house we’re in
Lock the doors as the roof starts crumbling
Cause we’ll never think past the weekend
And I know that this time
You’ll be gone but I’ll have my friends by my side
To pick my ass up if I fall, cause this van ain’t fucking vacant

I never felt this close to home
With the unkept lawn and broken windows
There’s stains all up and down the walls
But lights here are always on

So we’re done thinking it over
We’re not lost we’re just getting older
At times I feel like none of this means anything to anyone but me