Gimme Tha Loot

by Dugout

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released October 29, 2011

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Colin Miller at F.N.C. Studios



all rights reserved


Dugout Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Dipset
Hey how ya doing?
It’s been a year since we last met
And the word on the street’s that I’m broke and I’m desperate
I would never say this a year ago
But i think this time it’s inevitable
That I give up and rather be left alone

we’ve came this far
we can’t go home
we’ve came this close
but have no place left to go

This town is like a lung collapsed
It abandons you while you’re gasping for breath
I’m hanging in but my vital signs are down
I never thought I’d end up this way
Dropping out for jobs that underpay
But It’s okay cause my friends are back in town

Let’s fuck shit up
You F.N.C.
There’s no “R” in “wash”
You smell like shit
Track Name: 'Merrika!
Living off half tanks, to get by
Push your way to the front of line
It’s enough to make us feel alive
Nothing turns as expected
These promises you never kept them but
All and all I think we’ll be alright.

I’m so tired of sitting in the corner
Buried under bed sheets, from this hangover
All of this seems all to familiar
I’m turning into you.

Somedays it’s hard to sleep at night
Not knowing if you’re still alive
Now-a-days, I have you to confide in
Track Name: Kevin James, Stop Making Movies
Well I came home around 3AM
Breathing whiskey and a
Lighter brand on my back hand
Talking bullshit with my parents
While I fall right up my stairs
And you know I’m feeling lonely
But I’m blacking that out slowly
Take a shot to clear my head
And watch some netflix till I go to bed
I wake up everyday feeling like shit
And I doubt that anyone could notice

And my friend billy said that we’re already dead
All our friend’s live for bar deals and dollar domestics
I wrote a note to myself and it’s been on my shelf
Since the last time I felt the way that I do now

So fuck this, I’ll just sit around this basement
Writing songs about how pessimistic I can be
And all the while all my friends just seem to keep fucking around
But at least I know deep down they’re kinda happy
Track Name: Ankle Missile
i spend my nights getting shitty out by jfk, love park always looks the same.
my friends love talking shit with hobos and banging on trashcans.
but i wouldnt have it any other way cause in the end were all actors at best.
trying hard to forget how all our lives became such a mess.
Track Name: HomoDe'Pot
well i woke up today
at least three damn times
with a plate of what i couldn’t
eat last night stacked next to all my doubts by my bedside
and a collage of lyrics written on my bedroom door
to remind me every night
that i am so much more than this

at least i know who i am (know who i am), a kid with no plan,
always getting too drunk with the rest of my friends.

you bet your ass this small town
takes every ounce of every pound
and how can i find motivation
when inspirations never around.
you bet your ass this small town (Woah Oh)
you bet your ass this small town (Woah Oh)
takes every ounce of every pound

if i could i would take back all the time
and take me back to all the days when i felt alive
because it kills me to see that deep down underneath
all my friends are still feeling as fucked up as me
but nights spent sitting in parking lots
are all that I’ve got.

i took such a beating from march to november
its gotten hard to remember a time
when familiar sights were all it took
to make me feel alright